Now Available!

Bloody Scotsmen Games is pleased to announce the release of Kurt Braunsroth's Plume & Blade, a game where players take the part of heroes and villains in swashbucking movies set in the age of the Three Musketeers. Designed to be played with 28mm miniatures, it uses an innovative-but-simple mechanism for combat which is more than just the rolling of dice on hit tables. If you have ever wanted to really know what it was like to be D'Artagnan or Rochefort, or even Captain Alatriste, crossing blades with a despicable-but-worthy foe, then this is the game for you! And beyond just the thrust-and-parry of swordplay, you can display your panache in improbable feats of cinematic derring-do! (If he weren't long-deceased, even Errol Flynn would be jealous!)

The boxed set with rules booklet with counters and all other
game components can now be ordered from Bloody Scotsmen Games.

The rules booklet can now be ordered from The Game Crafter,
with counters and cards available for download and print.

To get a feel for the game, you can watch the following videos produced by Wargames Tonight during playtesting:

    Plume & Blade AAR (The Fronde): A recent playtest pitting the Musketeers against the unsavoury, rebellious frondeurs.

    How to Play: A mini-tutorial for a recent round of convention play-testing, with a traditional Musketeers-against-Cardinal's-Guard scenario.

    Trailer: A game about swashbuckling movies needs a swashbuckling trailer, right?

Watch this space for announcements on the timing and availability of the game, and look for it at conventions near you!